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Cuvewater assessment

PKRC has been appointed to conduct a desk study on “Ecology and land use” as part of a Social Ecological Impact Assessment (SEIA) for the CuveWaters project. The study addresses a range of questions related to the ecological and land use impacts that the different technologies introduced by the CuveWaters project have. The technologies range […]

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CBEND inaugurated

The 22nd of September PKRC attended a very successful inauguration of the CBEND project at Farm Pierre, outside Otavi. The event was attended by about 70 guests, representing all key stakeholder groups. I took plenty of photos for the CBEND web site, like the one above, showing the wood gasifier and some of the pipes […]

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CBEND inauguration

The 22nd of September PKRC will attend the inauguration of the CBEND project. CBEND is a project implemented by the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia, aimed at producing electricity from invader bush. The inauguration ceremony will take place at the Farm Pierre, the project site, which is located 90 km north of Otjiwarongo. My role […]

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